Permanent Makeup

What is pmu?

Most of the time, permanent makeup (PMU) is described as dermapigmentation, micropigmentation, or makeup tattooing. Permanent makeup was primarily used to assist individuals with physical conditions, such as those struggling to apply makeup or suffering from hair loss due to illness. Over the years, permanent makeup has evolved greatly and is now being used to enhance eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, beauty marks or to add freckles.

The process for permanent makeup is similar to that of body tattooing, in which a needle is used to implant pigment into the skin. However, the color in permanent makeup is entirely cosmetic and contains less metal base than body tattoo ink. The colors often appear bolder, more vibrant, and crisper in tattoos because tattoo ink is more concentrated than the pigments in permanent makeup. The particles in tattoo ink are also much larger than those in permanent makeup, resulting in softer and more natural-looking effects. This makes it ideal for replicating delicate lip blush or eyebrow hair strokes. Permanent makeup professionals use microneedles for implantation and do not penetrate the dermal layer of skin as deeply as they would with a body tattoo.

On average, permanent makeup can last up to five years. Despite its long-lasting nature, fading is inevitable. Fading occurs for many reasons at various stages for different clients, such as oily skin, age, sun exposure, skincare, and lifestyle products. To minimize fading, it is important to use appropriate skincare products and avoid sun exposure, as UV light causes the pigment to fade. It is also recommended to avoid using skincare products that contain strong acids or retinol.


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