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For many women, achieving perfect eyebrows from a young age is a rarity. That’s where microblading comes in, offering a solution to shape and enhance eyebrows. Whether it’s about increasing thickness, adding volume, or filling in sparse areas, microblading provides the ideal balance of shape and definition.

Microblading is a specialized form of eyebrow tattooing, known for its minimal invasiveness. In this procedure, a skilled and certified professional manually creates fine, incised strokes in the skin. These tiny incisions are then infused with pigments (referred to as the pigment soak). As the eyebrow heals over the following days, the result is a remarkably natural appearance with hairstrokes that closely mimic real eyebrow hair.

Shortly after the pigment infusion, neutrophil cells are attracted to the pigment-filled incisions, contributing to the healing process. As the skin naturally rejuvenates, the cut remains filled with both pigment and cells. When positioned correctly in the dermis, the pigment seamlessly integrates into the skin during the healing process.

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Microblading is undoubtedly a fine art that demands precision and skill. To delicately craft lifelike strokes while safeguarding the skin, the expert must possess a comprehensive understanding of skin anatomy and structure. Furthermore, achieving a final result where the healed pigment harmonizes seamlessly with the client’s skin relies on the artist’s profound knowledge of skin type, skin tone, and color theory.

It’s important to recognize that microblading is a semi-permanent technique. This is due to the use of pigments and the shallow nature of the incisions. Over time, the pigment naturally fades through a process called osmosis, as the body’s water mixes with and dilutes the pigment, gradually pushing it out of the skin’s pores. To maintain the desired look, touch-up sessions are recommended every 12-18 months, typically offered at a discounted rate to returning clients. It’s worth noting that microblading may not be suitable for clients with oily skin or large pores; in such cases, nano hair strokes are often recommended to achieve the desired results.

To ensure comfort during the procedure, a numbing anaesthetic cream is applied to the treated area and allowed to work for approximately 30 minutes. Additionally, if needed, additional numbing cream can be administered during the procedure to alleviate any discomfort.

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