Consultation is FREE for any service

A non refundable $100 deposit required to book any service appointment. This cost is deducted from the total service price. Should a client fail to cancel their appointment within 24 hours of the service appointment a new deposit will be required prior to booking future appointments. Deposit is transferable for one appointment only.

6-12 week Perfection Touchup $200 | 3-12 month Touchup $275-$325 | 12-36 month Touchup $325-$450

(add bottom liner for additional $200)

(depending on thickness & wing length)

6-12 week Perfection Touchup $200 | 3-12 month Touchup $275

Beauty Mark $50

(1 session) $250 (2 session package) $460

(3 session package recommended. All 3 sessions should be done within a two week period) $650

(every 2-3 months after first 3 sessions) $200

Hairline Microblading or bald spots are priced depending on the size of the area.
Consultation required for accurate pricing.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the area needing reconstruction and the amount of scarring needed to be camouflaged.
consultation required for accurate pricing.

Price per session varies depending on area.

Consultation required before performing any Peri-Medical Tattoo service.

Any touch up past 3 years or more is considered a new service and will be charged accordingly.

Candi is willing to touch up other technicians’ work however, any first time client may be charged full price as a new service regardless of the length of time between others technicians work and her own.
Permanent makeup applications are specialized services that require proper training and licensing as well as years of experience to fine tune and perfect.
When it comes to permanent makeup, you really do get what you pay for. Most “training academies” are only 2-3 days long and achieving certification is very easy. It’s extremely important to do your research and to carefully select your artist based on reviews, photos of their work as well as their experience time in the industry.

A 24 hour cancelation or request to change appointment time is required for all services. Reminder emails and texts are sent out 48 hours in advance leaving enough notice to make changes within the 24 hour period.

No show policy: If a client fails to cancel or change an appointment 24 hours prior to the appointment (regardless of the reason) and fails to contact the business owner via email, call or text the deposit will be forfeit.

Permanent Makeup and Peri Medical Tattoo application is not a process to be rushed. Please be considerate to your artist as well as any other clients she may have booked after you that day. If a client is more than 15 minutes late to an appointment they will be asked to reschedule and forfeit deposit.

Payment accepted in Cash, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Cash or Credit/Debit Cards. Reward cards or Amex will be charged an additional 5% Fee.

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