PMU Correction

The PMU Color Correction Process

Unsatisfied with the fading and color of your PMU service? Don’t stress, we’ve got your back. Permanent makeup correction is the best way to enhance the appearance of your unappealing PMU by concealing pigments that have shifted color in time or in the case of incorrect pigment color choice.Permanent makeup correction is an alternative to getting rid of those undesirable pigments with a laser or saline solution, and it can be done to deal with a variety of problems, such as uneven or unbalanced eyebrows, lips or eyeliner fading or staining of the pigment, or an overall change in the preferred look. The main goal of the treatment is to cover up the color that the pigments have faded into with an extra cosmetic tattoo in the opposite color. The color on the opposite side of the color wheel will neutralize and substantially reduce the visibility of the unappealing shade.To remedy the color of eyebrow, lip or eyeliner tattoos, the skin that has absorbed the unwanted pigment is micro-shaded with a correctly selected corrector shade. The primary step is to select the appropriate corrector shade. Permanent makeup color theory is the foundation for this, which may seem simple, but it takes years for our PMU artists to sharpen their color-matching abilities.

Perfect Your PMU Tattoo

Aside from finding the opposite color on the color wheel, we consider your skin tone, undertone (warm, cool, or neutral), nature (oily skin can affect color shifting), and pigment structure.
The corrector will then be tattooed over the residues that need to be concealed with a PMU device. This is done in stages, with several passes. The artist can select the necessary saturation and, if needed, correct the color even more by gradually saturating the area. The drawback is that multiple permanent makeup correction sessions may be required. However, taking things slowly will eliminate the possibility of making a color mistake and complicating matters.
Unfortunately, because PMU color correction is a shading technique, the definition of Nano or micro bladed strokes are not always able to be preserved. Therefore, the powder brow effect is a more attainable result that can be supplemented with extra nano- or microblading strokes to create a combination eyebrow effect.
It is necessary to note that permanent makeup correction should only be done by a qualified and experienced specialist. Inappropriate correction can cause additional damage to the skin and may worsen the concern. It’s always best to do proper research and choose a reliable and skilled professional for your correction.

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