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Welcome to Fresno’s premier destination for Areola Tattoo and Permanent Makeup services. Areola Tattoo, a specialized cosmetic procedure, focuses on enhancing the shape and appearance of the nipple. This transformative technique employs the same principles as traditional tattooing, involving the precise injection of ink beneath the skin to create a lasting and flawless image. In the realm of Permanent Makeup, Fresno stands out as a hub of expertise and artistry.

Areola tattoos set themselves apart with their delicate artistry, requiring expert blending and feathering techniques to achieve a remarkably natural and lifelike outcome. These details are essential for creating results that are both beautiful and convincing.

The foremost goal of areola tattooing is to provide support and empowerment to breast cancer survivors who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery or double mastectomy procedures. These survivors often grapple with issues related to self-esteem and body image. Our Areola Tattoo services in Fresno offer a transformative solution that can help individuals regain their confidence and feel more at ease with their bodies.

Discover the power of Areola Tattoo and Permanent Makeup in Fresno, where we specialize in enhancing your natural beauty and supporting your journey to self-confidence.


caring for your tattoo

While areola tattoos offer invaluable support to breast cancer survivors, they are also a choice for anyone seeking to personalize the color or shape of their nipple. At our Fresno studio, we cater to all who desire the transformative power of Areola Tattoos and Permanent Makeup.

Following your tattooing session, our skilled artists will apply a dressing to the area. Proper aftercare is crucial to prevent infection and ensure a smooth healing process.

To ensure optimal healing, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Keep the treated area dry and meticulously clean.
  2. Avoid getting the dressing wet.
  3. Refrain from submerging the area in water or using soap for at least one day following the procedure.

Typically, the healing process takes between 10 to 14 days, although individual skin health may influence the timeline. Whether you’re a breast cancer survivor or simply seeking a personal transformation, our Areola Tattoo services in Fresno are here to support your journey towards self-expression and confidence.

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Welcome to Candibrows, where beauty meets compassion. Watch our feature on ABC30 Action News, highlighting how Candibrows is making a difference in the lives of breast cancer survivors through our Areola reconstruction treatment. Join us in celebrating the strength and beauty of these incredible women.

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