Eyebrow Microblading

If you are looking into getting your eyebrows microbladed , there are a few thing you should know first, Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that uses a pen style tool with a head constructed of a row of very fine needles. The process is more of a scratching sensation as apposed to cutting. This process also differs from traditional tattooing because it is done using a natural pigment instead of an ink.

Candi has over two years experience in eyebrow Microblading and has a very light touch, careful not to cut to deep. The process is meant to be superficial and only get into the epidermis layers of the skin to avoid scaring. Scaring can cause long tern problems. For example: Hair doesn't grow through scar tissue so you can loose more hair if it’s not done correctly. It is also very hard to micro blade over scar tissue and the pigment doesn't last long when done over scar tissue. Microblading is a procedure that will benefit you and make day to day life easier. it’s life changing to those who have had it done by a trained professional. 

When taken proper care of Microblading can last up to two years. Most of Candi's clients choose to maintain the process by keeping up with bi annual touch ups as opposed to waiting 1-2 year for complete fade out. In this case a touch up price is typically offered saving the client time, money and insuring that the eyebrows stay looking nice.  In some cases it can last as long as three years or as little as six to eight months. It is not recommended that people with large poors, very oily skin, red dye #7 allergies, iron deficiencies or people that are prone to keyloyding get the microblading procedure done. Pigments contain red dye #7 and iron oxide. If you have an iron deficiency your body will likely absorb the pigment faster causing it to fade out and need to be re-done more frequently.  

Proper care includes what I call the 357 rule. 3 days with out sweating, most technicians will say 1-2 weeks (which s recommend) however in reality those of us who workout regularly find this very difficult so I suggest giving it 3-5 days if you can. 3 days of sleeping with bandaids covering the ends or tails of the micro bladed brows. The ends are the first thing to fade out and rubbing on your pillow at night while you sleep can cause them to fade out right away. keep the cotton part of the bandaid touching the brow (not the sticky part). 5 days of keeping it covered with either aquaphor, grapeseed oil or another moisturizer (I like aquaphor). Most important is to keep it dry for 7 days. Water will take off the scabs thus taking off the pigment within the scabs. 

Candi will take her time to make you comfortable and explain the process in detail. It’s mandatory for each client to fill out a short release form online before we can proceed with any micrblading process. She takes her time to discuss the shape you want and draws them out for approval before she begins the process. You are part of the design process, allowing you to make changes to insure that you walk out with the exact shape that you want. In Candi's mind, less is more! Careful to take a conservative approach on the first visit. Everyone needs a touch up so going larger, thicker or darker on your touch up appointment 4-6 weeks later is best. The first 3 days are the darkest with the scabbing that occurs. The scabbing is subtle and superficial but it will make them appear darker and can be a bit shocking at first. Be patient with the process! The real magic happens after the touch up. Its important to remember that Candi will make you as comfortable as possible, she has a light touch and will numb you throughout the process to insure your level of comfortability. They will fade after the first 5 days and may end up a little patchy. This is normal and exactly why you will need the touch up. These spots or any unevenness will be filled in at the touch up appointment. 

Finally, online booking is available and easy! Candi takes appointments by appointment only, two days a week by online booking only. A groupon is available but not necessary to purchase as she will happily honor this price when asked.