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As a 18 year stylist I've had the opportunity to use and try out many different products, some of which I love! This blog will list all of my favorite product lines as well as the products within those lines that I use on a regular basis. I have taken the time to research the best hair products as well as pricing. Products may be ordered via our online store. If you have any further questions you can email me, call the salon or book an appointment for an in person tutorial.

One of my personal favorite product lines is an all organic aromatherapy line made right her in the USA out of Washington. All of the products are Sulfate free as well as sodium chloride free. If You have used sulfate free shampoos in the past then you know that they typically do not lather, often resulting in oily or greasy hair. Loma Organics is the only sulfate free product line that I have found that does lather. It will leave your hair feeling moisturized and healthy without having an greasy texture. These products are great for travel as they double as body wash and lotion as well as shampoo and conditioner. 

I have been doing Keratin Straightening treatment for the past 10 years and every one of my keratin clients uses Loma Organics as their primary shampoo and conditioner. All of the Loma products are sulfate and sodium chloride free and safe to use on chemically treated hair. For my treatments I use the Global Keratin line. This is also a great line to use with keratin treatments. I specifically like the leave in conditioners as well as the serum.

For those of you ladies with curly hair I recommend The Deva Care line. I specifically love their shampoos and conditioners as well as the leave in curl cream. This will leave the hair with a soft texture, eliminating  the "crunchy" texture that most curl enhancers leave. 

Women with fine hair that don't want it weighed down with product leaving the hair heavy and with an oily texture, I really like Evo's Mister Fantastic. This comes in a spray and i typically spray it in my hand then gently apply to the ends of the hair. The Evo Root Canal is a great combo product with this. You can spray it on the roots prior to styling to give a little extra volume. 

For leave hair moisturizers I like It A 10 with Keratin the best. Be careful not to spray this on your roots as it will cause hair build up and greasy scalp. Again Global keratin is also great for leaving in the hair.

If your concern is frizz then I recommend Loma Nourishing Oil as it has a light texture and is clear in color so it wont cause a yellow tint in your hair like some other brands may.

Men will love the Evo men's as well at the Loma men's line. If your looking for a firm hold with a product that is easily applicable, I recommend Evo Casual Act or Loma Forming Paste. I use these styling product more than any other on my male clients. 

Be Chill and thanks for allowing Candi to Style your life!


Senior stylist and Cosmetic Microblading Specialist