For Groupon or Living Social deals please call, text or email prior to purchase as these appointments have more limited availability. Expired vouchers will only be accepted as a discount towards the original service fee.

Please read the cancelation policy. A medical release form must be completed online, prior to any eyebrow service. Check location address depending on the date of your appointment as Candi rents from two separate locations (see menu options above).

Candi is a third generation hair stylist. Growing up in the beauty industry, her skills have been exclusively tailored to hair and cosmetic tattooing. Candi took her love of people and passion for art to the next level. Her talents as a portrat sketch artist have advanced her craft for Eyebrow Microblading. She has been styling hair and shaping eyebrows since 2001.

Her talents are used specifically for hair or hair enhancement related services such as cutting, shaping, coloring, highlighting, keratin treatments, cosmetic eyebrow microblading as well as tattoo filling for bald spots. Candi services many walks of life, from house moms, working professional men and women to celebrity clientele. Your quality of service and customer care is her top priority. Candi offers a unique and pleasant experience for her clients. Set in an elegant and sterile environment, all appointments are exclusively one-on-one. Her goal is to provide a relaxing escape, while also providing top of the line products and services. 

You can book a hair or microblading appointment with her via phone or text. Online booking for hair is available at Online booking is available for eyebrow Microblading. Since coupon appointments are limited, this information is given out after contacting Candi.

Candi‚Äôs reputation has been built on having the highest quality of service and customer care, while also insuring that any service be a tranquil, fun and pleasant experience. You are sure to leave feeling at ease and happy with your results.